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Subzone "Koszalin"

Area: 150,1665 ha (Available: 93 ha)

22 ha - 2003 (regulation: Dz. U. Nr 186, poz. 1816),
9,1465 ha - 2006 (regulation: Dz. U. Nr 118, poz. 804),
59,7859 ha - 2007 (regulation: Dz. U. Nr 179, poz. 1270),
23 ha - 2012 (regulation: Dz. U., poz. 360)
45,5288 ha - 2015 (regulation: Dz. U. 2015, poz. 166)

Location: The site is located in the western part of the City of Koszalin, in the vicinity of the National Road no. 6, which is a part of an international Road no. E-28 (Berlin-Kaliningrad) and National Road no 11, connecting Koszalin with Kolobrzeg and Poznan.

The site is situated in the industrial district of the City, between Mieszka I St., BOWiD St. and Strefowa St, only 4 km away from the City Centre. 


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway:
    National Road no. 6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk) (2,0 km)
    National Road no.  11 (Kołobrzeg-Koszalin-Poznań-Bytom) (6,5 km)
  • Airport:
    Szczecin, Goleniów (115 km)
  • Sea Port:
    Świnoujście (155 km)
  • Railway station/Railway siding:
    Koszalin (3,5 km)


Zoning: industry and services

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Photo by: B.Z. Chojęta


Entered by: Bartosz Switala