Pomeranian Regional Development Agency was set up in 1994. Since its foundation all our activities have been aimed at harmonious cooperation with enterprises, business support institutions and local authorities. Our mission is to launch, promote, and support initiatives by providing the finest quality services. Check www.parr.slupsk.pl and Facebook.com/PARRSlupsk

As an administrator of Słupsk Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) since 1997 and Słupsk Technology Incubator since 2012, we have been providing investors with favourable opportunities for dynamic growth by offering a perfect site for industrial and service-orientated investments. Check Facebook.com/SlupskSEZ

A model site of Słupsk Technology Incubator (STI), which has been in operation since October 2012, has two specialist facilities. In June 2014 we opened Automation, Robotics and Visual Systems Laboratory, which provides a cutting edge testing facility for companies looking to modernize and automate their machine stock. It is the only facility in our country where engineering staff can improve their automation, robotics, and visual systems skills. The laboratory boasts equipment of well-known and globally recognized brand: OMRON  e.g. SCARA and DELTA robots, a 3D scanner, a quality control visual system workstation. An additional advantage of the equipment pieces is their modularity and flexibility. A unique service is the possibility to rent the devices, which even in case of short-term contracts may accelerate their completion.

In August 2015 a Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory was opened in the STI. It includes the largest rooftop photovoltaic installation, ground-mounted photovoltaic microinstallation, 3kW horizontal wind turbine (the total installed capacity is nearly 220kW). It all comes together in a laboratory monitored and managed through a dedicated SCADA system. The RES laboratory offers proinnovative services for companies in the field of energy-saving in designed, constructed, and used buildings, workplaces, and production sites including: consulting, electricity cost reduction programs, technical and economic analysis of investment, energy yield simulation and effectiveness of applied solutions.

In 2019 STI started to provide new consulting and executive services in the field of measurements using 3D scanning, quality control, reverse engineering, prototyping. In the facility functions new 3D Printing Centre, which offers prints in three technologies: FDM, SLS and Polyjet. Additionaly we are equipped with thermal cameras for diagnostic of buildings, photovoltaic farms e.t.c.

www.sit.slupsk.pl and Facebook.com/sit.slupsk

Our main areas of activity are among others:

  • promotion of regional development, including EU-funded project implementation;
  • administration of Słupsk Special Economic Zone;
  • administration of Słupsk Technology Incubator, including Automation, Robotics and Visual Systems Laboratory as well as Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory;
  • commercial activities such as: lease of lecture hall with a capacity of 300 persons, conference rooms, exhibition areas, organisation of training courses, conferences (also international), trade missions;
  • estate agency services;
  • job centre services.

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Wishing you many successes. We look forward to working with you!

The Board of PRDA