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Subzone "Wałcz"

Area: 56,7961 ha (Available: 34,5 ha)

2007 - 25,9710 ha (regulation: Dz.U. 2007r. Nr 179, poz.1270) and extended in 2012 with another 30,8251 ha (regulation - Dz.U. 2012 poz. 360)

Location: The Subzone Walcz contains of 2 investment complexes with a total area of 56,7961 hectares. The plots are divided form 0,5 ha up to 3,5 hectares. There is a possibility to tailor the plots to investor’s needs.

The first complex is located in the industrial part of the City of Walcz between Budowlanych St. and Poludniowa St. (25,9710 ha). In the close vicinity there is a crossroad of two main National Roads: no. 10 and no. 22.

Second complex is located at Kolobrzeska St. (30,8251 ha). The site has direct connection with Voivodship Road no. 163 and is located in 2,5 km away from National Road no. 10. and no. 22.


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway:
    National Road no. 22 (Grzechotki-Kostrzyn)
    National Road no. 10 (Lubieszyn-Płońsk)
  • Airport:
    Poznań, Ławica (120 km)
  • Sea Port:
    Świnoujście (225 km)
  • Railway station/Railway siding:
    Wałcz (complex 1 - 1,5 km, complex 2 - 3,5 km)

industry, services, business activity

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Check our Wałcz Subzone video!

Check Wałcz video!

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