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Subzone "Wieszyno"

Area: 82,1608 ha (Whole area available)

Established: 2012 (regulation - Dz.U. 2012 poz. 360)

Location: The site is neighbouring area to the Subzone “Redzikowo” in the Wieszyno place. It is located in 5 km away from the City of Slupsk, along the National Road no. 6 (a part of an International Road no. E-28, Berlin-Kaliningrad), next to the bypass ring “Redzikowo” - the Slupsk’s Bypass, Express Road no. 6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk). Connection to Slupsk City Centre is provided by the Municipal Transportation Company.

It contains of one big plot of an area of 82,1608 hectares. It can be divided and tailor to investor’s need.


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway:
    Express Road no. S6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk)
  • Airport:
    Gdańsk, Rębiechowo (125 km)
  • Sea Port:
    Gdynia (105 km)

    Ustka (27 km)
  • Railway station/Railway siding:
    Słupsk (7,5 km)

Zoning: According to the local spatial development plan for the"Redzikowo-Wieszyno Area" of the Commune of Slupsk:
production, warehousing, storage facilities, logistics, travelers' point services

Click and see video of Redzikowo-Wieszyno and Słupsk-Włynkówko filmed by drone

 redzikowo 11 DJI00543  DJI00553 

Photos: PRDA JSC & Multiprojekt

Entered by: Bartosz Switala