Special Economic Zones are administratively separated Polish areas where investors can conduct business on favorable terms. The aim of the operation of the instrument to support the acceleration of regional development by attracting new investment and promote job creation.

The Słupsk Special Economic Zone was set up in 1997. The aim of the SSEZ is to support the development of the Central Pomerania Region through solutions considering and taking advantage of unique conditions of  the region as well as to create conditions for steady economic development oriented towards market economy.

The main tasks of SSEZ are to:
−  promote the zone and its activities domestically and abroad,
−  promote businesses operating in the zone upon a granted permit,
−  prospect for and serve new investors including a wide array of invest-ment  consultancy services,
−  invite to tenders or negotiations in order to sell plots within the Zone as well as to obtain permits for the entrepreneurs,
−  inspect the activities of investors in the Zone systematically,
−  report the details of the Zone businesses and Zone administrator activities.

Many years of experience as well as collaboration and partnerships between the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency Joint Stock Company and governmental and local ad-ministration, employment agencies, institutions, and higher edu-cation schools enable us to provide a comprehensive assistance to investors.

The Słupsk Zone is located in the northern part of Poland and it encompasses the total area of 910,1585 hectares. The Zone consists of 18 investment subzones situated in municipalities of Pomerania Region, as well as other sites across Pomeranian - Słupsk-Włynkówko (100,24 ha), Słupsk-Westerplatte (38,4683 ha), Redzikowo (63,3665 ha), Wieszyno (82,1608 ha), Ustka (9,1497 ha), Debrzno (9,8736 ha), Czarne (7,9157 ha), Lębork (18,7968 ha) and Płaszewko (7,7796 ha) and West Pomeranian Region - Koszalin (150,1655 ha), Szczecinek (97,3669 ha), Wałcz (56,7961 ha), Polanów (37,0116 ha), Laski Koszalińskie (17,58 ha), Tychowo (5,0448 ha), Karlinko (180,0846 ha), Kalisz Pomorski (9,3866 ha) and Darłowo (18,6643 ha).

Map of Subzones


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