Map of Investment lands under the patronage of the SSEZ
Patronaty 2016

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Investment areas are under the patronage of the Slupsk Special Economic Zone are investment lands, which may be covered by the zone status for a particular investor.

Management of the Zone has established cooperation with municipal offices and local authorities to cover the investment lands with the patronage of SSEZ.

Investment lands under the patronage of the SSEZ are located within the following municipalities:

Pomeranian Region:
1. Commune Potęgowo (40,8711 ha) 
2. Commune Kępice (Barcino - 14,3432 ha)
3. Municipality Słupsk (Sportowa - 20,3708 ha)
4. Commune Miastko (Wołcza Wielka - 8,0000 ha)

Total: 83,5851 ha

West Pomerania:
1. Municipality Sławno (56,8432 ha)
2. Commune Czaplinek (7,5859 ha)
3. Commune Bobolice (21,7438 ha)

Total: 86,1729 ha


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