Procedure of tender

Tender's procedure

Running a business in SSEZ with support of tax exemptions and preferences can only be possible upon prior obtaining of a permit to run a business activity in SSEZ from the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency administering the zone on behalf of the Minister of Economy. The application process of getting a permit is carried out through tenders or negotiations.


No. Activity Actor Time
1. Investor’s application Investor 7 days
2. Meeting with Investor in order to choose the plot and fix all the necessary issues concerning the investment.
up to 14 days
3. Public invitation to tender or negotiation (announcement in the national press) PRDA JSC 21 days from announcement of the tender/negotiations
4. Acquisition of terms of reference. Submitting a bid and payment of the bond Investor 21 days from announcement of the tender/negotiations
5.  Joint tender / negotiations Commitee
up to 7 days
6.  Issue of a permit for running a business activity in the Zone PRDA JSC
up to 7 days
7.  Sale of the property located in the Zone – signing the notarial deed PRDA JSC
TIME: up to 2 months

Entered by: Bartosz Switala