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Map above shows only approximate location of Subzone.

Subzone "Lębork"

Area: 18,7968 ha (Available: 5,2 ha)

Established: 2015 r. (ordinance: Dz. U. 2015, poz. 166)

Location: The site is located in south part of Lębork, in precinct of national road no 6 Szczecin-Gdańsk, the part of international road E-28 Berlin-Kaliningrad.

Zoning: according to the spacial development plan: production, warehousing, storage and craftsmanship.


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway: National Road no. 6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk)
  • Airport: Gdańsk-Rębiechowo (75 km)
  • Sea Port:
    Gdynia (60 km)
    Łeba (35 km) - fishing and touristic port
  • Railway station/Railway siding: Lębork (4 km)


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Show Darłowo Investition Subzone of Slupsk Special Economic Zone on bigger map.
Map above shows only approximate location of Subzone.

Subzone "Darłowo"

Area: 18,6643 ha (whole area available)

Established: 2015 r. (ordinance: Dz. U. 2015, poz. 166)

Location: The site contains three investment complex. First one is located adjacent to internal seaport, south and west of cereal elevators and they are parallel to Wieprza river. Second complex is located near Kolejowa and Sowińskiego Street, and the last one is located near Przemysłowa street.

Zoning: according to the spatial development plan: production, warehousing, storage, sea port and craftsmansip .


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway: National Road no 37 (1,4 km) - links sea port Darłowo with national road no 6 Szczecin-Gdańsk in Karwice
  • Airport:
    Gdańsk-Rębiechowo (180 km)
    Szczecin-Goleniów (150 km)
  • Sea port: Darłowo - fishing, touristic and trading sea port
  • Railway station/Railway siding: Darłowo (1 km)



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Investment procedure


Running a business in SSEZ with support of tax exemptions and preferences can only be possible upon prior obtain-ing of a permit to run a business activity in SSEZ from the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency administering the zone on behalf of the Minister of Economy. The application process of getting a permit is carried out through tenders or negotiations.

1. The company interested in setting up its operations in the SSEZ should submit an „Investor’s application” in the seat of the Zone Administrator, which is a prerequisite for initiating the tender/negotiation procedure. The „Investor’s application” form can be obtained from the SSEZ Administrator. The form should define basic information regarding the planned investment i.e. sector type, main products or services which will be manufactured or provided in the Zone, planned employment, amount of planned  investment costs, area required for implementation of the undertaking, estimated demand for utilities – water, gas, electricity, sewage disposal, provisional location of the investment.

2. The next stage is the SSEZ Administrator announcement of the invitation to tender by publishing it in the national daily press.

3. After publishing of the invitation to tender/negotiation, the entrepreneurs interested in taking part in the tender purchase the „Terms of reference”. This document constitutes the basis for drawing up an offer.

4. In order to enter tender/negotiation, the entrepreneur should  submit his offer in Polish, along with all the documents listed in „Terms of reference” including a business plan of the undertaking. A prerequisite for entering the tender/negotiations is payment of the bid bond whose amount is specified in the „Terms
of reference”.

5.  Tender/negotiation takes place when at least one tenderer has put in a bid. On behalf of the SSEZ Administrator tender/negotiation is conducted by a committee of at least 4 persons. The committee considers the offers according to criteria defined by the order of the Minister of Economy of 15th November 2004 concerning tenders and negotiations as well as enterprise assess
ment criteria relating to activities planned within the SSEZ (Dz.U Nr 254, poz. 2546).

6.  On behalf of the Minister of Economy the Zone Administrator issues the enterprise with a permit for running a business activity on conditions negotiated during the tender/negotiation process. The permit is issued for a limited period of time.

7.  The last stage is the handover of the property to the investor
which follows after acquiring ownership rights by them.

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